Contract Sales

With decades of US Government sales experience and hundreds of millions of records of government logistics data, we can help you get in business, or back in business, with the US Government. When you succeed we succeed. Our fee is a flat % of any government contract we assist you in winning and only after you are paid. Think of us as a contracted sales department. Our model is built to keep things as simple as possible without interrupting any of your current business. Step by step here's how it's done:

  1. Each day we match your parts with all US government RFQ's and display them on a secure dashboard.
  2. From this dashboard, you input the relevant pricing and delivery and save the record.
  3. That's it. From here our automation routines create the needed batch files and quote them on a secure server. (We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for your protection)

Why Not Just Send Super Quotes To Broker-Dealers?

We have heard the question from our clients: "Why don't we just send out quotes to parts broker-dealers and not use you letting them bid for us?" This is a great question, but the short of the story is because you won't be competitive on the majority of your parts. Why? We researched this and most RFQs have at least two sources of supply listed. So several things can happen:

    • The other sources listed on the RFQ may bid directly to the government making your price to the broker-dealers uncompetitive once they add in their own markup. 
    • The broker-dealers may not use your quote.
    • The broker-dealers may take weeks to send in your quotes all the while other broker-dealers that asked for pricing from your competition have already sent in their prices and been awarded. How? Because the government routinely awards contracts prior to the RFQ response date. (By law they can using Funding Priority Ratings)
    • About 40% of all open RFQ's are fully competitive or mil-spec parts. If you are a manufacturer then you have the ability to quote many more parts than what the broker-dealers request from you. 
    • You quoted broker-dealers with extremely low PIPRS scores and your competition quoted other broker-dealers with higher scores. Your price may be better but it won't matter when the quote evaluation is done. The government will award to whoever is the "best value". (and that's 99% of the time not the company with the lowest PIPRS score)
    • These broker-dealers get their data from past award history and parts databases. If you have never sold those parts or have never been approved to sell those parts you won't even be receiving RFQ's.

So Why Use Us And Not a Bidding Service?

Again, for several reasons. Bidding services can't automate sending your quotes to the government for around 99% of the open RFQ's. (We've checked... thoroughly) Also, they haven't done business with the government before and are just handling the data so the intricacies of the procurement process are lacking. In addition, every bidding service we have researched requires you to give them a list of NSN's or mil-specs to match against. In most cases, manufacturer's can't locate this information or if they do it's not a complete list. We cross-reference to data that bidding services can't and can find parts you can make or may have never even considered (by allowing you to look at everything). Bidding services only allow you to view the mountain of data through a microscope never showing you the entire mountain. We can, in a way, show you the mountain and the hidden opportunities you may be missing. 

All of this can be extremely complicated which is why we are in business. Your company can succeed in this market with the right tools and the right expertise. Give us a call or email us if we can help and ask us about "Contract Sales".